Software developers

ߛ What skills should you build to land a job at OpenAI, Meta or Deepmind?

ߋ Boost your visibility to top companies flooded with job applications by obtaining an in-house reference through collaboration on open source projects they are part of.

ߋ Our engine is designed to assist you in identifying the most suitable open-source projects to contribute to, facilitating your path to build a great professional network while learning from the best.

Recruiters and headhunters

ߛ Can open source contribution indicate future success of a developer?

ߋ Engaging in open-source exposes developers to valuable feedback from the community, fostering humility and patience.

ߋ Numerous projects are driven by renowned companies like Google and Meta, offering contributing engineers the opportunity to learn from industry experts.

ߋ In fact, open source contributions are the best indicator of future success.

Venture capital firms

ߛ Would you like to assess engineering talent as part of due diligence?

ߋ By leveraging our engine investors are able to assess a company's technical capabilities during the due diligence process, uncovering hidden issues and make a more confident investment decision.

ߋ VC clients can share their subscription with portfolio companies to help them identify great talent as they scale up, or improve their software development operations.